Restricted Hours

I went to a nice gig the other evening, another one for which I’d drawn the poster:



When Mark asked me to do the poster, he said to leave a gap somewhere in case they added another artist to the line-up, which is why I used the handwritten style font…  in the end, they didn’t add the other guy’s name, and I have no idea who he was.

Avant-garde saxophonist Lol Coxhill played some pleasurably crazy sounds, Hazel Turnock played a stripped-down/sat-down set of her sultry punk ballads and a few intriguing covers (Iggy and the Stooges and They Might Be Giants), and local legend Mark Astronaut marked his birthday with a selection of his songs from over thirty years of his underground career, with help from members of the Otters.  Lol ‘OMG’ Coxhill guested on the Astronauts’  ‘Don’t Think About It’ to epic effect.

I did a few sketches at the gig and was reminded how difficult it is to draw in the dark; also that I’d rather just sit back and watch Mark flail around in his dramatic way, and nod my head along, than try to capture it on paper.

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