At the Comic Convention…

Here’s a strip I drew after the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing back in March!
I’ve exhibited there for the last two years and it’s always a busy fair, and it’s interesting to get reactions to your work from the customers and other cartoonists…

Among the goings-on, two small boys asked me to draw their picture while I was still half asleep (not my best work!), while an older guy flicking through my comics was reminded of his youth, and one girl seemed to be there for the Web Thing rather than for the Mini Comix! Twelve Eyes Comics Team Shug, Joe Decie and I compared self-portraits with Sarah McIntyre (illustrator of the marvellous Morris the Mankiest Monster) and I amazed Shug with my daring drawing technique…

I don’t draw myself too often, but had made an exception for a guest strip in Mallard fanzine, a regular anthology of text and comic fiction. Well worth checking out for Tom England’s spare and effective scenes of imagined middle age, Chris Leahy’s dense and intriguing serial and Joe Baddeley’s amusing stick men!

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