Kidnapped By Spacemen

I’ve done a few CD covers and flyers over the past few years for a band called the Otters – a shifting group of young musicians and frontman Mark Astronaut, sometime leader of the punk/folk/underground band the Astronauts, and an individual performer with a massive catalogue of songs about alienation, horror and excessive drug use… often delivered in the guise of a disarmingly catchy pop song, blasted out with force and noise.

I’d hope that my style of artwork fits in with the way that accessible music can have a darker side, and how Mark’s disgusted lyrics are transposed with surreal stage antics, this delivery sometimes masking angry subjects… besides the pictures being something pleasant to look at while playing the CD. The new single ‘Melissa’s Party’ was intended for release a few years ago, and I drew a cover for this lurching song about an addled gathering: “no-one talks about the body, it lies around just like a spoilsport”. Maybe the person on the cover is having a lovely time, maybe they’re really out of it.

Kidnapped By Spacemen’ was a bit different – a track of 18 minutes long which caused jaws to drop on its first performance. The band wanted something similarly bold for the artwork, so I used block text and a pattern in the background drifting away like noise:

Songs Beginning With the Letter ‘H’’ made me think of children’s posters teaching the alphabet, so I used a nice rounded font and a simple picture, but put these paranoid characters in a green glow from above… maybe they’re at a rave or maybe it’s a radioactive death cloud.

You can listen to the band on their myspace, and look out for a documentary about Mark in the new year.

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3 Responses to “Kidnapped By Spacemen”

  1. devotionalhooligan Says:

    doo’t suppose you know anywhere doing mailorder for the two singles.
    love the covers by the way.peace.x

  2. Al Says:

    Hey, thanks – I can look into getting some CDs to you if you like, which ones are you after?

  3. devotionalhooligan Says:

    hiya al,
    that’d be great if you could,i’m trying to get hold:

    Songs Beginning with the Letter H
    Songs that don’t Begin with the letter H
    If The Strangers Come Around…
    Melissa’s Party

    obviously i’ll be more than willing to pay for these & cover postal costs.
    gary x

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