To the Thing!

dinosaur on his way to London

The next big small-press comic event is the Thing. Held for several years at a university hall in Mile End, it has a reputation as one of the busiest gatherings for web and mini-comix… as its name suggests.

Besides over 80 exhibitors’ own wares, you can also buy an Anthology full of their contributions on a given theme. This year’s theme is Dinosaurs. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has drawn and to see my own strip in the book!

To whet your appetite you can download a PDF copy of previous books from the Thing, which includes my pages on Mars and Giraffes.

And to add extra fun to the event (and incentive for attendees to visit every table), Lizz Lunney and Timothy Winchester have created a great collecting game for the day! Pick up a passport when you arrive, and collect a stamp or sticker from each artist involved to make your own exclusive souvenir. You can see the list of those involved at the Dino-Saw-Us Blog.

The Thing takes place at Great Hall, Queen Mary University, Mile End London, on 27th March from 10am- 5pm. Swiftly followed by the traditional After-Thing Thing in the ’spoon’s down the road.

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