It’s not long now until the UniComics festival! This is, as its name implies, a festival of comics held at a university…the University of Hertfordshire.

In their four day programme, the organisers have aimed to include events for comics enthusiasts and newcomers, with workshops, panel discussions and screenings taking in everything from family autobiography to 2000 AD. You can download a full programme here.

Most events take place at the University’s de Havilland Campus in Hatfield.

I’ll be selling my own wares at the Unicon marketplace from 10-5 on Saturday, 24th April. This takes place outside the Auditorium, which hosts a workshop by Sarah McIntyre at 11am (top cartoonist and children’s book artist of Morris the Mankiest Monster fame), and a showing of children’s favourite Ben 10 at 1pm… so I imagine there will be some passing families I can try to indoctrinate into my comics.

Other recommended exhibitors include Phonogram’s Gillen and McKelvie, Marc Ellerby (Ellerbisms), Francesca Cassavetti (The Most Natural Thing in the World), Paul Rainey (Book of Lists), Dan Lester (Monkeys Might Puke) and Phil Ninja Bunny Spence.

That evening there’s a screening of the Director’s Cut of Watchmen, introduced by Dave Gibbons. I saw Mr Gibbons give a very interesting talk last year (at Stevenage Library, strangely enough) in which he discussed Watchmen through from his first sketches for the book and its painstaking development, to his involvement with the film and its impact. He then answered audience questions, including one about the size of Dr Manhattan’s cock.

As it was said, there are bigger things to be concerned about…

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