Imagined City

A poster for the Brighton stop on a joint tour by Emma Pollock, singer-songwriter, member of the Burns Unit and formerly of the delgados, and RM Hubbert, instrumental guitarist and himself a former member of another great and underrated Glasgow band El Hombre Trajeado.

Again, there’s no specific influence for this poster from either artist, but I felt like drawing something more detailed for a change from just one or two characters, and to give myself slightly more of a challenge… I did feel a bit spaced-out after doing all those windows. The inspiration came partly from a cityscape illustration a colleague commissioned for a Christmas card which made me wonder how a similar scene would look in my own wonky style, also from architectural cartoons by Osbert Lancaster, Tommy Penton and Alasdair Gray (another Glaswegian great there) and an old Penguin edition of The Castle.

Larger version here.

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