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Forty Bricks

July 9, 2012

Here’s a birthday card for my eldest brother.  Jim works doing home conversions and extensions, so I’ve pictured him taking a break after building up some large numbers!

Happy Birthday Roger, gig promoter

June 17, 2012

A birthday card for our local music stalwart Roger King, the man behind Anonymous Promotions and formerly Live Circuit (various generic musicians sing Happy Birthday, obviously!).

Doctor Who Doodles

June 4, 2012

Hawaii Man

January 28, 2012

Hawaii 5-0

Here’s a birthday card for Mr Grae J Wall of Trailer Trash Orchestra fame (or should that be the Hula Trash Orchestra?), on his big ‘Hawaii’ 5-0 last week!

On the cards

December 31, 2011

Christmas cards

Here’s a few hand-drawn Christmas cards I customised for my family (yes, I design cards for a living and also in my spare time).

This year’s face

October 30, 2011

Here’s a Dia de los Muertos mask I made yesterday. Happy Hallowe’en!

Posters on my wall

August 24, 2011

It was a great gig by Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard to a sold-out crowd in Brighton, and I was pleased that afterwards I was asked to sign a few copies of my poster! I also got my own signed:

I think it’s the sixth time I’ve seen Jeff after catching various gigs over the last nine years or so at the Adelphi Club in Hull, Brixton Windmill and previously in Brighton at Concorde2.  There were no ‘low-budget music videos’ today (look them up if you’ve not seen them) but in the low-ceilinged venue it would have been difficult for most of the crowd to see Jeff’s sketchpad. Also it allows the rest of the band to play a bit more, and they’ve certainly become a tighter unit over ages of touring. They had just come from a visit to China and Korea, which allowed an excuse to sing some songs half in Korean which Jeff had written years before, which I remember reading about in one of his comic-strip journals. The set also included a cover of ‘White Riot’, and more reflective moments including a song of encouragement to make the most of your time because time will make its mark on you. Jeff is older and hairier but as entertaining as ever.

Here’s a snap of Jeffrey drawing on the bar afterwards:

You can read one of my old gig reviews here if you like.