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AM Exhibiting

August 24, 2013

Exciting news! To tie in with the Oxfam fundraiser at the Victoria on 7th September, for which I drew a new poster, I’ll be displaying a selection of my previous gig artwork on the walls of the Barn.

exhibition poster

I’ll have quality new prints of posters for gigs by local and touring bands around Herts and elsewhere, including Jeffrey Lewis, the Primitives, the Astronauts, Tubelord, the October Game, and my series of cartoon animals drawn for Live Circuit.

For anyone who can’t make the gig on the Saturday, the exhibition will be open from the evening of Thursday 5th, and I’ll have prints, postcards and comics for sale.

Thanks to Ganda Media for a great job on the prints!

Am Getting Older

February 6, 2012

things to look forward to

Here‘s a new comic strip I drew at the weekend about signs I’m getting older (yes, it was my birthday recently). I didn’t include the youthful dentist, or the conversation about favourite biscuits.

Pics and pics and pics

January 29, 2012

cats and cats
I’ve set up an ‘Archive’ section on my website to show older work not in my portfolio. I thought some of it isn’t too bad, so it might as well be made accessible…


January 28, 2012


Also now online here – the full first issue of my unrequited love story starring a robot and a bird, Bleep & Tweet. Issue 2 still available from my shop!

Customer Service

January 28, 2012

Customer Service

I’ve put a new comic strip up on the comics section of my website here – actually an old comic strip I found unused in my sketchbook, but I’ve added some new colour to it. Not too much colour though.

It’s based on a story a friend told me; I don’t know what the customer looked like, so I used a generic uptight character (also seen here) and I’m not sure quite how true it is, but I like the irony of it.

I’ve also updated my site to make the different sections clearer and draw more attention to my shop! Now I just need to add more products to it at some stage.

London Spex-po

March 6, 2011

I’ll be exhibiting for the first time in ages at the new ‘London Comic & Small Press Expo’ next weekend. I’ll have a host of cards and comics to sell (also available from my website!). There will be a bunch of great artists there including Twelve-Eyed chums Joe Decie and Shug, Sarah McIntyre, David O’Connell, Lizz Lunney and many more.

The fair takes place at Goldsmiths University in the wilds of East London, from 10am-5pm on Saturday 12th March. Afterwards there’s a panel discussion between Dave McKean and Lorenzo Mattotti which is sure to be interesting. There will doubtless also be a trip to a nearby pub.

I’ve been working on a new collection of Amusing Paper, which may be finished, copied and collated ready to sell at the event… or may not. In the absence of new comics here’s a picture of my workspace:

Terrible Things Happen

November 22, 2010

Another comic newly online here; based on a true story, or so I’m told.  Oh dear.  I’m currently working on a few new strips I hope to collect together and print next year in time for convention season, which will include a spot at the new Small Press Expo in London on March 12th.  Hooray!

Stacks to see and stacks to do

November 17, 2010

Hey I’ve put online some new comics and some you might not have seen before, why not have a look? This one is based on a theory my friend told me, I’m not sure I explained it quite correctly but it was an amusing conversation.


April 11, 2010

It’s not long now until the UniComics festival! This is, as its name implies, a festival of comics held at a university…the University of Hertfordshire.

In their four day programme, the organisers have aimed to include events for comics enthusiasts and newcomers, with workshops, panel discussions and screenings taking in everything from family autobiography to 2000 AD. You can download a full programme here.

Most events take place at the University’s de Havilland Campus in Hatfield.

I’ll be selling my own wares at the Unicon marketplace from 10-5 on Saturday, 24th April. This takes place outside the Auditorium, which hosts a workshop by Sarah McIntyre at 11am (top cartoonist and children’s book artist of Morris the Mankiest Monster fame), and a showing of children’s favourite Ben 10 at 1pm… so I imagine there will be some passing families I can try to indoctrinate into my comics.

Other recommended exhibitors include Phonogram’s Gillen and McKelvie, Marc Ellerby (Ellerbisms), Francesca Cassavetti (The Most Natural Thing in the World), Paul Rainey (Book of Lists), Dan Lester (Monkeys Might Puke) and Phil Ninja Bunny Spence.

That evening there’s a screening of the Director’s Cut of Watchmen, introduced by Dave Gibbons. I saw Mr Gibbons give a very interesting talk last year (at Stevenage Library, strangely enough) in which he discussed Watchmen through from his first sketches for the book and its painstaking development, to his involvement with the film and its impact. He then answered audience questions, including one about the size of Dr Manhattan’s cock.

As it was said, there are bigger things to be concerned about…


April 3, 2010

Just a note to say that my online shop has been updated with new comics, and my dinosaur strip from this year’s Thing anthology is available to read online here.