Hey hey hey hey

September 15, 2012

Here’s a poster for a special new night from Cupboard Music, under the banner ‘Hey! Fever’; hence, some people saying ‘hey!’ (they may be greeting each other or arguing). Influences: classical pose and modern club flyer colour. Plus balloons. It’s not a party if it doesn’t have balloons.

Hey! Fever

am doodling

September 15, 2012

generic nerd
I draw a lot of people running
there was a lot of noise while I drew this one

Fellow Travellers

August 17, 2012

I wanted to help
a friendly chap

Jump Around

August 12, 2012

A quick gig poster with a variation on previous themes for the Astronauts; this fellow may be jumping for joy or spreading his arms for mercy, you decide. The band has a dangerous sound like that. The gig should be a good one, it’s being filmed for a future release and accompanied with projections from the guys behind the lights at the ‘Psychedelic Sunday’ nights of old. And it’s only £2 before 8.30 if you print this off and take it with you!

Sleepy Cashier

August 9, 2012

The Second International Alternative Press Fair

August 5, 2012

I had a good time visiting the 2nd International Alternative Press Fair at Conway Hall in Holborn yesterday, and picked up a bunch of awesome-looking comics and zines: the new Comix Reader anthology, another comics newspaper collection KUTI from Finland, an unusual book of animal-people drawn by Alessandro Ripane produced by Bradiponauta from Italy, the great new fold-out mini-comic from Steve Tillotson, Christopher Wren’, a Hong Kong sketchbook by James Nash, the new Island 3 by Lando and a bunch of work from Paul Ashley Brown comprising the new Browner Knowle, horror tale ‘The Tall Trees’ and lovely, sad,  scratchy illustrated monologue printed directly from pencil originals, ‘A Life in the Day’. Lots of inspiring work on show, makes me want to crack on with a new collection of my own!

A few other things I liked were the Magic collection by Girls Who Draw and the gorgeous Ellipsis by Tom Humberstone (which I forgot to go back for until the tables were packed up) and a photo-zine composed of close-up shots from Masterchefwhich make the hosts look like something from a horror film… although I couldn’t imagine going back to read that one very often. The anthology which seemed to consist entirely of twisted versions of Popeye was a bit strange as well.

Also a chunky book of colourful strips by John Broadley screenprinted in ink so thick it ponged deliciously. And some lovely work by John Miers again, especially his ‘Circle Man in Rectilinear Town’. Almost too much to look at in one day!

The day was completed with a film screening, a relaxing storytelling hour, a look at the tie-in artwork exhibited in the shop windows of nearby Lamb’s Conduit Street, then to Orbital Comics and a train packed full of enthusing sports fans while reading the day’s purchases.

Lou Reed Says

August 2, 2012

Impossible Astronauts

July 30, 2012

The Astronauts have a new release out today, it’s a split album with the Destructors and the artwork duties have been taken on by several illustrators, each contributing an image to accompany a song. I’ve not seen the final booklet yet but I’ve got a piece as has Paul Stapleton of Pog and BN1 fame and of many other bands and comics. This one with the 1970s comic look / colour scheme has a little scamp concentrating on something impossible, he’s either levitating or just jumping up and down…

The album, called ‘One Wave’ is available from itunes, Amazon, at gigs or to listen to on Spotify.

am copying

July 29, 2012

I was in Birmingham last week with some spare time, so popped to the city art gallery for a quick look around, here’s some pictures copied at home from sketches I made in the gallery.

I was impressed by a substantial angel in the entrance hall which turned out to be a Lucifer by Jacob Epstein (contemplating the flames of Hell, rather than stepping into a hot bath), and a full-size version of Epstein’s Rock Drill (whose torso I recognise from my first visit to the Tate).

Also a nice selection of Japanese woodblock prints, including some by Kuniyoshi from which I sketched a few figures – I especially liked the blustery scene in which a woman tries to keep her kimono from flying up, good comic action!

Another wedding portrait

July 29, 2012

A commission to feature a bride and groom and their daughter.