Imagined City

July 21, 2012

A poster for the Brighton stop on a joint tour by Emma Pollock, singer-songwriter, member of the Burns Unit and formerly of the delgados, and RM Hubbert, instrumental guitarist and himself a former member of another great and underrated Glasgow band El Hombre Trajeado.

Again, there’s no specific influence for this poster from either artist, but I felt like drawing something more detailed for a change from just one or two characters, and to give myself slightly more of a challenge… I did feel a bit spaced-out after doing all those windows. The inspiration came partly from a cityscape illustration a colleague commissioned for a Christmas card which made me wonder how a similar scene would look in my own wonky style, also from architectural cartoons by Osbert Lancaster, Tommy Penton and Alasdair Gray (another Glaswegian great there) and an old Penguin edition of The Castle.

Larger version here.

Rocking Out

July 21, 2012

Here’s a flyer for a local visit by one of the original ‘punk poets’ Patrik Fitzgerald, with the Astronauts and Lee Clayden  – no specific influence on this drawing, just a generic rebellious punk character and a rocking horse I found in an old sketchbook, which seemed to fit the bill.

In fact the original drawing had Kim Deal on a horse and Frank Black as a jack-in the-box, which later became an Alternative Sam comic strip.

I tried some different textures and outlines on this one, which I’m quite pleased with; I also added some colour before deciding it was better off in simple black and white…I should remember the words of Neil Young, “What you do first is the right f-in’ thing and just move on”!

Strange Credits Scene

July 21, 2012

Forty Bricks

July 9, 2012

Here’s a birthday card for my eldest brother.  Jim works doing home conversions and extensions, so I’ve pictured him taking a break after building up some large numbers!

Mr Ghost

July 6, 2012

Young Entrepreneur

July 4, 2012

Prog Rock Entourage

July 4, 2012

Bad Joke, no. 2

June 26, 2012

bad joke


June 25, 2012


FYI:  exciting new e-mail based comic strip here.

am sketching

June 18, 2012