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Impossible Things

January 2, 2012

Roddy Woomble

My latest poster for Cupboard Music is for Roddy Woomble promoting his album ‘The Impossible Song & Other Songs’. As I felt that a song could be a difficult concept to draw, I’ve drawn Roddy contemplating an impossible object instead. It’s based on part of an image by impossibility-king MC Escher, it was still quite difficult to draw though!

I originally coloured this in a nice purple and red but decided on second thoughts that more traditional greens and browns might better suit the folky sound Roddy has these days. Incidentally I received an Escher puzzle for Christmas, which I’ve also found nigh on impossible…

On a Trip

December 12, 2011

Here’s a poster for a Cupboard Music gig with Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab fame, who’s been touring her solo album ‘The Trip’. Hence, obviously, the retro-futurist robot character going off somewhere abstract.

I wanted to make this poster a bit more subtle, a little less cartoonish than normal, as while Laetitia’s solo work is not too dissimilar to Stereolab, it’s a bit more sparse and sombre than the band, but still a beautiful listen.  I couldn’t get away from the robots though, they’re just too good a visual shorthand. And everybody loves a melancholic robot.

Big version here.

Under the sea

September 17, 2011

Darren Hayman poster

Another new poster for Cupboard Music, this one for a show by Darren Hayman. The ex-Hefner frontman, as I believe one is obliged to call him (well they were a very good band), is promoting his new album The Ship’s Piano, which led me to this underwater image, obviously referencing Schroder from Peanuts. I guess I sunk the ship. To give credit where it’s due, this pic also probably owes something to Tintin in the look of the diving suit, which also ties in with my choice of font for the poster. Apparently though, a Ship’s Piano is just the name for a smaller model of the instrument and not necessarily anything to do with boats.

A larger version here.

Up a tree again

August 24, 2011

Here’s another new Cupboard Music poster, for a gig by English band Singing Adams. Obviously the concept behind this poster was to do with singing, though I could also claim it ties in with the title of the group’s current album ‘Everybody Friends Now’, or I could say the birds are all called Adam.

Singing Adams

I felt like drawing something less cluttered after my junkyard poster, but it then took a while to do all those twigs and branches… You can see a larger version here.

Posters on my wall

August 24, 2011

It was a great gig by Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard to a sold-out crowd in Brighton, and I was pleased that afterwards I was asked to sign a few copies of my poster! I also got my own signed:

I think it’s the sixth time I’ve seen Jeff after catching various gigs over the last nine years or so at the Adelphi Club in Hull, Brixton Windmill and previously in Brighton at Concorde2.  There were no ‘low-budget music videos’ today (look them up if you’ve not seen them) but in the low-ceilinged venue it would have been difficult for most of the crowd to see Jeff’s sketchpad. Also it allows the rest of the band to play a bit more, and they’ve certainly become a tighter unit over ages of touring. They had just come from a visit to China and Korea, which allowed an excuse to sing some songs half in Korean which Jeff had written years before, which I remember reading about in one of his comic-strip journals. The set also included a cover of ‘White Riot’, and more reflective moments including a song of encouragement to make the most of your time because time will make its mark on you. Jeff is older and hairier but as entertaining as ever.

Here’s a snap of Jeffrey drawing on the bar afterwards:

You can read one of my old gig reviews here if you like.

Junkyard demon

July 25, 2011

Here’s a poster I put together for a new Cupboard Music gig with Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard, awesome cartooning singer and band from New York.

Jeffrey Lewis Brighton poster

The pink colour scheme was decided by happy accident on seeing a test print from a machine low on toner.