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The Second International Alternative Press Fair

August 5, 2012

I had a good time visiting the 2nd International Alternative Press Fair at Conway Hall in Holborn yesterday, and picked up a bunch of awesome-looking comics and zines: the new Comix Reader anthology, another comics newspaper collection KUTI from Finland, an unusual book of animal-people drawn by Alessandro Ripane produced by Bradiponauta from Italy, the great new fold-out mini-comic from Steve Tillotson, Christopher Wren’, a Hong Kong sketchbook by James Nash, the new Island 3 by Lando and a bunch of work from Paul Ashley Brown comprising the new Browner Knowle, horror tale ‘The Tall Trees’ and lovely, sad,  scratchy illustrated monologue printed directly from pencil originals, ‘A Life in the Day’. Lots of inspiring work on show, makes me want to crack on with a new collection of my own!

A few other things I liked were the Magic collection by Girls Who Draw and the gorgeous Ellipsis by Tom Humberstone (which I forgot to go back for until the tables were packed up) and a photo-zine composed of close-up shots from Masterchefwhich make the hosts look like something from a horror film… although I couldn’t imagine going back to read that one very often. The anthology which seemed to consist entirely of twisted versions of Popeye was a bit strange as well.

Also a chunky book of colourful strips by John Broadley screenprinted in ink so thick it ponged deliciously. And some lovely work by John Miers again, especially his ‘Circle Man in Rectilinear Town’. Almost too much to look at in one day!

The day was completed with a film screening, a relaxing storytelling hour, a look at the tie-in artwork exhibited in the shop windows of nearby Lamb’s Conduit Street, then to Orbital Comics and a train packed full of enthusing sports fans while reading the day’s purchases.


June 25, 2012


FYI:  exciting new e-mail based comic strip here.

am brewing

June 17, 2012

Alternative Sam: music fan

June 7, 2012

A comic strip I came up with late the other night. A bit tired now.

Snowy Weather

February 14, 2012

snowy weather

Am Getting Older

February 6, 2012

things to look forward to

Here‘s a new comic strip I drew at the weekend about signs I’m getting older (yes, it was my birthday recently). I didn’t include the youthful dentist, or the conversation about favourite biscuits.


January 28, 2012


Also now online here – the full first issue of my unrequited love story starring a robot and a bird, Bleep & Tweet. Issue 2 still available from my shop!

Customer Service

January 28, 2012

Customer Service

I’ve put a new comic strip up on the comics section of my website here – actually an old comic strip I found unused in my sketchbook, but I’ve added some new colour to it. Not too much colour though.

It’s based on a story a friend told me; I don’t know what the customer looked like, so I used a generic uptight character (also seen here) and I’m not sure quite how true it is, but I like the irony of it.

I’ve also updated my site to make the different sections clearer and draw more attention to my shop! Now I just need to add more products to it at some stage.

Alternative Sam: music fan

January 2, 2012

More of Alternative Sam here.


October 15, 2011