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Imagined City

July 21, 2012

A poster for the Brighton stop on a joint tour by Emma Pollock, singer-songwriter, member of the Burns Unit and formerly of the delgados, and RM Hubbert, instrumental guitarist and himself a former member of another great and underrated Glasgow band El Hombre Trajeado.

Again, there’s no specific influence for this poster from either artist, but I felt like drawing something more detailed for a change from just one or two characters, and to give myself slightly more of a challenge… I did feel a bit spaced-out after doing all those windows. The inspiration came partly from a cityscape illustration a colleague commissioned for a Christmas card which made me wonder how a similar scene would look in my own wonky style, also from architectural cartoons by Osbert Lancaster, Tommy Penton and Alasdair Gray (another Glaswegian great there) and an old Penguin edition of The Castle.

Larger version here.

Rocking Out

July 21, 2012

Here’s a flyer for a local visit by one of the original ‘punk poets’ Patrik Fitzgerald, with the Astronauts and Lee Clayden  – no specific influence on this drawing, just a generic rebellious punk character and a rocking horse I found in an old sketchbook, which seemed to fit the bill.

In fact the original drawing had Kim Deal on a horse and Frank Black as a jack-in the-box, which later became an Alternative Sam comic strip.

I tried some different textures and outlines on this one, which I’m quite pleased with; I also added some colour before deciding it was better off in simple black and white…I should remember the words of Neil Young, “What you do first is the right f-in’ thing and just move on”!

Owl City

June 4, 2012

Here’s a poster to promote a local gig in aid of Hitchin’s own wonderful festival Rhythms of the World.  This benefit has a nicely diverse bill of indie, roots, country-rock and electro ambience, what better way to illustrate it than a girl dancing with an owl?

ROTW benefit poster

Actually I fancied drawing an owl for a while, after seeing an animation in which an owl chick thought it was a duckling and went following the mother duck into the water. This one is having a happier time.

Moonage Daydream

April 10, 2012

To promote the Brighton date of the Primitives’ forthcoming  Echoes and Rhymes tour, here’s a poster showing singer Tracy Tracy in high-spirited mood, thematically inspired by the band’s upbeat, 60s flavoured fuzzy jangle pop.

the Primitives

I was thinking here of vintage children’s books, Bleep and Booster and an amusing Soviet postcard I found online.

Larger version here.

Moonlight Shadow

February 20, 2012

Stanley Brinks poster

A new poster here for Mr Stanley Brinks, aka André, formerly of Antifolk heroes Herman Düne, who makes sweet lo-fi songs part Americana, part European folk. Here he is on tour in support of a new album Alligator Twilight (though I did have the idea for this design before I knew of the title, I’m not sure where it came from).

Larger artwork can be seen here.

World shut your mouth

January 17, 2012

Shrag poster
I wanted to stick to a simple design for this poster and took some inspiration from a simple but enduring template; it was only after I’d started that I found Shrag’s record label Where It’s At Is Where You Are has the same influence for its website. I guess every designer loves Penguins. I expect my sulky cartoon singer also gives away my love of Peanuts.

You can download a Shrag single complete with B-sides, and a host of other fine sounds, from WIAIWYA here.

Shrag poster

Impossible Things

January 2, 2012

Roddy Woomble

My latest poster for Cupboard Music is for Roddy Woomble promoting his album ‘The Impossible Song & Other Songs’. As I felt that a song could be a difficult concept to draw, I’ve drawn Roddy contemplating an impossible object instead. It’s based on part of an image by impossibility-king MC Escher, it was still quite difficult to draw though!

I originally coloured this in a nice purple and red but decided on second thoughts that more traditional greens and browns might better suit the folky sound Roddy has these days. Incidentally I received an Escher puzzle for Christmas, which I’ve also found nigh on impossible…

“It’s Christmas!”

December 22, 2011

It's Christmas!

Here’s a festive variation on the shouty character I recently drew for those jolly anarcho-punks the Astronauts. I’m not sure if he’s exclaiming enthusiastic greetings here or screaming with humbuggery when the time of year becomes too much. I think this is one gig you are unlikely to hear any sleigh bells though. Phew.

On a Trip

December 12, 2011

Here’s a poster for a Cupboard Music gig with Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab fame, who’s been touring her solo album ‘The Trip’. Hence, obviously, the retro-futurist robot character going off somewhere abstract.

I wanted to make this poster a bit more subtle, a little less cartoonish than normal, as while Laetitia’s solo work is not too dissimilar to Stereolab, it’s a bit more sparse and sombre than the band, but still a beautiful listen.  I couldn’t get away from the robots though, they’re just too good a visual shorthand. And everybody loves a melancholic robot.

Big version here.

Astronauts in Hull

October 8, 2011

Those loveable anarcho-punk misfits the Astronauts asked me to design this poster for a rare venture they’re making north with Asbo Derek next month. Being ‘down with’ the band and having spent much time at the Hull Adelphi in years gone by, I was happy to oblige; it’s a special venue I ought to go back up to more often, run for the right reasons of supporting new music and doing so heroically for 27 years now and counting.

The Astronauts Hull gig poster

The Astronauts are currently Mark and the former Otters of whom I have done work for in the past (some of which you can see here) and again in this poster I wanted to reflect their being antagonistic and anti-establishment / funny. So there’s an altercation here between a toff and an Asbo chap, not sure of his name. I took a bit of inspiration from a book I found on my shelf which had never really come in handy before. Nice pictures though (I couldn’t quite find a font to match, but I wasn’t going to spend all night on it).

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