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Squirreling Away

September 21, 2013

Here’s another poster for an event at the Vic: this one a second-hand CD sale. The practical part of me hopes there aren’t too many bargains, the music fan in me will be there all afternoon.

something of a hoarder

Gig Poster Exhibition

September 21, 2013

Here’s a few snaps from my gig poster exhibition a couple of weeks ago:

Oxfam gig poster

I was glad to be asked to put together the exhibition and took the opportunity to get some good quality prints made up of gig posters I’ve designed in the last few years, 12 of which went up in the barn.

affordable art!

The framed prints looked good together, although it’s funny looking at several pieces of work together for the first time and noticing things like colours I tend to use or not, and a majority of characters facing towards the right (is this due to reading left to right or to being right-handed? Not sure).

affordable art!

A few other things I learnt:

– framing pictures takes a surprisingly long time, even if you double-check for dust on the glass before putting the back on… there’ll still be a speck or two that needs wiped off again.

– it’s very difficult working out how to price at a cost that’s reasonably likely to sell and to allow one to break even! But it’s definitely worth the experience.

– the people of Hitchin love pictures of sheep, and comics about demons.

affordable art!!

Some of the remaining prints will be going up inside the Vic this week; the pub hangs a lot of interesting work from local artists, so I’m pleased to be among them.

AM Exhibiting

August 24, 2013

Exciting news! To tie in with the Oxfam fundraiser at the Victoria on 7th September, for which I drew a new poster, I’ll be displaying a selection of my previous gig artwork on the walls of the Barn.

exhibition poster

I’ll have quality new prints of posters for gigs by local and touring bands around Herts and elsewhere, including Jeffrey Lewis, the Primitives, the Astronauts, Tubelord, the October Game, and my series of cartoon animals drawn for Live Circuit.

For anyone who can’t make the gig on the Saturday, the exhibition will be open from the evening of Thursday 5th, and I’ll have prints, postcards and comics for sale.

Thanks to Ganda Media for a great job on the prints!

Chop chop!

August 16, 2013

Roll up for a fundraising gig in aid of Oxfam at the Victoria Barn, with music from sultry rockabilly voodoo blues eccentrics the Finger Choppers, an acoustic set from indie pop lovelies the Metatrons, and a new duo named A Work In Progress… and an exhibition of my own work! Full details TBA, but in the meantime here’s a poster inspired by recent sightings of local wildlife and passing commuters.

Oxfam benefit gig poster

Old hat new hat

July 8, 2013

mad hatters

Colour version of a flyer I was asked to draw for the Astronauts, one of a weekend full of gigs organised by Rhythms of the World in place of the festival this year. Great line-up too!

Jump Around

August 12, 2012

A quick gig poster with a variation on previous themes for the Astronauts; this fellow may be jumping for joy or spreading his arms for mercy, you decide. The band has a dangerous sound like that. The gig should be a good one, it’s being filmed for a future release and accompanied with projections from the guys behind the lights at the ‘Psychedelic Sunday’ nights of old. And it’s only £2 before 8.30 if you print this off and take it with you!

Happy Birthday Roger, gig promoter

June 17, 2012

A birthday card for our local music stalwart Roger King, the man behind Anonymous Promotions and formerly Live Circuit (various generic musicians sing Happy Birthday, obviously!).

Owl City

June 4, 2012

Here’s a poster to promote a local gig in aid of Hitchin’s own wonderful festival Rhythms of the World.  This benefit has a nicely diverse bill of indie, roots, country-rock and electro ambience, what better way to illustrate it than a girl dancing with an owl?

ROTW benefit poster

Actually I fancied drawing an owl for a while, after seeing an animation in which an owl chick thought it was a duckling and went following the mother duck into the water. This one is having a happier time.

“It’s Christmas!”

December 22, 2011

It's Christmas!

Here’s a festive variation on the shouty character I recently drew for those jolly anarcho-punks the Astronauts. I’m not sure if he’s exclaiming enthusiastic greetings here or screaming with humbuggery when the time of year becomes too much. I think this is one gig you are unlikely to hear any sleigh bells though. Phew.

A peaceful walk around the churchyard

October 6, 2011

St Mary's