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Sleepy Cashier

August 9, 2012

Buying a Shirt

February 7, 2012

seen choosing a shirt

Charity Shopping

February 6, 2012

overheard in a charity shop

Customer Service

January 28, 2012

Customer Service

I’ve put a new comic strip up on the comics section of my website here – actually an old comic strip I found unused in my sketchbook, but I’ve added some new colour to it. Not too much colour though.

It’s based on a story a friend told me; I don’t know what the customer looked like, so I used a generic uptight character (also seen here) and I’m not sure quite how true it is, but I like the irony of it.

I’ve also updated my site to make the different sections clearer and draw more attention to my shop! Now I just need to add more products to it at some stage.


November 7, 2010

The clothes are based on a passer-by I was impressed to see dressed like a superhero; I’m afraid the conversation is made up.

At the Sales

February 4, 2010