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Gig Poster Gallery

September 24, 2013

Gig poster art prints available in limited quantities. A3 digital print on 200gsm uncoated paper, £10 each or £30 framed – please contact me by email or Twitter if you’re interested in any of these!

Old hat new hat

July 8, 2013

mad hatters

Colour version of a flyer I was asked to draw for the Astronauts, one of a weekend full of gigs organised by Rhythms of the World in place of the festival this year. Great line-up too!

Hey hey hey hey

September 15, 2012

Here’s a poster for a special new night from Cupboard Music, under the banner ‘Hey! Fever’; hence, some people saying ‘hey!’ (they may be greeting each other or arguing). Influences: classical pose and modern club flyer colour. Plus balloons. It’s not a party if it doesn’t have balloons.

Hey! Fever

Jump Around

August 12, 2012

A quick gig poster with a variation on previous themes for the Astronauts; this fellow may be jumping for joy or spreading his arms for mercy, you decide. The band has a dangerous sound like that. The gig should be a good one, it’s being filmed for a future release and accompanied with projections from the guys behind the lights at the ‘Psychedelic Sunday’ nights of old. And it’s only £2 before 8.30 if you print this off and take it with you!

Impossible Astronauts

July 30, 2012

The Astronauts have a new release out today, it’s a split album with the Destructors and the artwork duties have been taken on by several illustrators, each contributing an image to accompany a song. I’ve not seen the final booklet yet but I’ve got a piece as has Paul Stapleton of Pog and BN1 fame and of many other bands and comics. This one with the 1970s comic look / colour scheme has a little scamp concentrating on something impossible, he’s either levitating or just jumping up and down…

The album, called ‘One Wave’ is available from itunes, Amazon, at gigs or to listen to on Spotify.

Rocking Out

July 21, 2012

Here’s a flyer for a local visit by one of the original ‘punk poets’ Patrik Fitzgerald, with the Astronauts and Lee Clayden  – no specific influence on this drawing, just a generic rebellious punk character and a rocking horse I found in an old sketchbook, which seemed to fit the bill.

In fact the original drawing had Kim Deal on a horse and Frank Black as a jack-in the-box, which later became an Alternative Sam comic strip.

I tried some different textures and outlines on this one, which I’m quite pleased with; I also added some colour before deciding it was better off in simple black and white…I should remember the words of Neil Young, “What you do first is the right f-in’ thing and just move on”!

“It’s Christmas!”

December 22, 2011

It's Christmas!

Here’s a festive variation on the shouty character I recently drew for those jolly anarcho-punks the Astronauts. I’m not sure if he’s exclaiming enthusiastic greetings here or screaming with humbuggery when the time of year becomes too much. I think this is one gig you are unlikely to hear any sleigh bells though. Phew.


December 12, 2011

The old Astronauts recently put out a new three-song EP for which I did this sleeve. If you buy the release you can also get to see the back cover and admire my fine type-setting skills. You might be unable to read the lyrics without a magnifying glass though, they are quite wordy songs.

You can buy the CD at gigs, or download it all here, for only a pound:

Astronauts in Hull

October 8, 2011

Those loveable anarcho-punk misfits the Astronauts asked me to design this poster for a rare venture they’re making north with Asbo Derek next month. Being ‘down with’ the band and having spent much time at the Hull Adelphi in years gone by, I was happy to oblige; it’s a special venue I ought to go back up to more often, run for the right reasons of supporting new music and doing so heroically for 27 years now and counting.

The Astronauts Hull gig poster

The Astronauts are currently Mark and the former Otters of whom I have done work for in the past (some of which you can see here) and again in this poster I wanted to reflect their being antagonistic and anti-establishment / funny. So there’s an altercation here between a toff and an Asbo chap, not sure of his name. I took a bit of inspiration from a book I found on my shelf which had never really come in handy before. Nice pictures though (I couldn’t quite find a font to match, but I wasn’t going to spend all night on it).

Animation for Everyone

On-stage banter no. 662

January 13, 2010